Sin City Swiss Rolls

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Vegas Inspired. Hand-crafted in Ohio

100% Gluten-Free and Sinfully Delicious.

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Why Choose Us?

After a year absence, we have opened a new commercial baking facility!!! Formally Jam Gluten-Free Bakeshop, Sin City Gluten-Free Bakeshop follows the tradition of preparing everything in a Dedicated Gluten-Free environment using the BEST ingredients!

- Real Belgian Chocolate - Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs - Grade AA Butter -

Vegas Inspired, Handcrafted in Ohio. ALWAYS Naturally Gluten-Free!Even if you don't have to eat gluten-free, you will LOVE our treats!

Your Swiss Rolls are the best GF dessert I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy D.

All About Chef Eric

Chef Eric and Heidi


Chef Eric has worked around the globe since 2000.

When his young niece was diagnosed with celiac disease, she of coursed begged him to make something she could eat.

Using his culinary experience and scientific approach he made her some gluten-free treats that she LOVED!

Deciding to go gluten-free himself when starting his original business, Jam Gluten-Free Bakeshop, he discovered his migraine headaches which he had struggled with for over twenty years, went away.

Chef Eric's Bakeshop was awarded Third Place for "Best Place for Dessert" his first year in business.

His second year in business, his 100% dedicated gluten-free Bakeshop was awarded First Place for "Best Bakery" and Second Place for "Best Place for Dessert".

During his third year in business, Chef Eric suffered some health conditions that forced him to close his business.

Determined to not be held down, he partnered with his cousin, Heidi Bell Minnick, and the two have relocated and reopened October 27, 2018!

Our 100% dedicated gluten-free facility is ready to please your palate!

Go ahead, Indulge. Everything is Sinfully Delicious & Gluten-Free!

Sin City Gluten-Free Retail Location

2900 Venice Road, Sandusky, OH 44870

Store Hours

Wednesday - Thursday

10 am - 6 pm

Friday - Saturday

8 am - 6 pm